The “momentum arrow” above is one of the drawings not only in my sketchbook, but on the shirt my team wore at nationals this past weekend as well! This weekend, we advanced to the 2015 NCAA Super Six for the fifth time in six years! It didn’t quite go as we had hoped, but it was still an incredible experience and something to be very proud of. We finished third!FullSizeRender

This morning (and every morning), I feel the need to express how unbelievably great it is to be an Oklahoma Sooner! Not just a Sooner, but on the top-ranked women’s gymnastics team. First things first, other than obviously being on a high caliber team, I get to do lots of cool things that sometimes blow my mind!

I get the chance to meet people I have admired for years! Below is a picture of me with Shawn Johnson when we competed in Michigan earlier this year. Aside from winning a few medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, she wrote a New York Times best-selling book, she launched a site dedicated to offering an outlet where people can talk about body image and wellness in a healthy way (, and she is also a spokesperson for Nike. In addition to meeting Shawn, I’ve been privileged to meet many other incredible gymnasts such as Alicia Sacramone, Jordyn Wieber, Courtney McCool, Jake Dalton, Steve Legendre, John Orozco, and a few other “big names”.

Shawn Johnson @ OU vs. Michigan

Shawn Johnson @ OU vs. Michigan

Pretty, BLINGY leotards! Who doesn’t love bling?! I don’t think KJ has ever designed an ugly leotard. We get to wear the prettiest and sparkliest leotards out there. My opinion of course. Just when you think you can’t add anymore jewels, KJ does! Her creativity with her ideas and designs amaze me. Below are some of the leotards that were showcased in the NCAA event finals yesterday!IMG_2400

Traveling… I get to travel the country and go places I’ve never been to before. Some people might not feel that’s a big deal, but I do. I’ve now been to 24 of the 50 states. I’ve been from California on one side of the country to Florida on the other. And I’ve also gotten to experience quite a bit of snow! When you’re from Texas, that’s kind of a big deal…

Family. I don’t mean literal family, but my teammates/friends that have turned into family. No matter what team you are on, the Sooner family makes you feel at home!

Getting the opportunity to be a good role model for all the little girls out there. I love getting to work with all the little girls at our annual summer gymnastics camp. Our first week of camp this summer is from June 14 – 18, and our second week is from June 21 – 25. Check out if you want more details!6752_3173708158094_1108719661_n

Sooner Spirit! There’s nothing quite like the spirit of our Sooner fans! I want to thank everyone who supports OU and our gymnastics team….It means more to us than yOU know!11138167_10152775371048364_4221672234272287094_n

Campus. Getting to attend such a beautiful university is an honor. The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful, the campus is big yet small enough to walk from class to class if you want to, and it’s always clean and welcoming when you step foot on

There are just so many great things about the University of Oklahoma (and their women’s gymnastics team) that are beyond amazing, but that’s really something you have to feel and experience yourself! I’m going to end on that note, but just remember….. There’s only one!


7 thoughts on “MOMENTUM

  1. Lisa Campbell says:

    This is so refreshing! A blog spot that is WORTH your time and you feel better and informed after reading it!! Miss Hunter has a future writing if she desires one! Plus, I’m one of “those” SOONER fans so I will support this yOUng lady! #ThereisONLYONE

      • Lisa Campbell says:

        Awwwww! Then I’m glad yOU saw the comment! I read the other spots…my opinion hasn’t changed! Hahaha
        I sent to a friend who works at Disney World…he will LOVE yOUr inclusion of Walt! I’m not mad yOUr fav color is blue! 🙂
        Ur awesome!

  2. Virginia Brewer says:

    Beautiful Hunter! It was a pleasure to get to know you these past 3 years. Hope you have an amazing senior year. I’ll be cheering!

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