I’m An Extremist, Say What?!

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit it…well, the second since it was actually brought to my attention recently by someone else. I have an extreme personality. I’m either all in or I’m all out. When I’m interested in something, I simply can’t get enough of it until I’m immersed in it from all angles. When I’m not interested in something, I tune it out, completely disregard it or daydream about things I’m actually interested in while doing it.


Some people call this personality type obsessive. Some call it compulsive, intense, or impractical. I mean, we all know that girl who missed every last social event in her school years because she was constantly at practice or having something to do with gymnastics (whoops, that was me).
I like to call it extreme. Passionate. Enthusiastic. Maybe it isn’t the most practical way to be, but it fills your heart with excitement and pumps adrenaline through your veins to pour yourself fully into what you love.

You know you’re totally extreme when:

  1. You cogitate on thoughts for hours. (And hours.)
  2. You plan something weeks in advance…sometimes months…and you write it down at least twenty times in your planner, phone, journal, and other random pieces of paper.PlanningIsNotOptional
  3. You care about everything and everyone. Sometimes too much, and almost overbearingly.
  4. You also want to help everyone and everything. By “help”, I mean “fix”.
  5. You end up having to sprint or drive like a maniac to get anywhere you’re going because you’re too OCD to be late, but you were too busy trying to squeeze every last drop of the time you had beforehand.
  6. You prefer one-on-one private messaging. Usually you end up writing 500+ word messages (to the horror of the recipient).
  7. The thought of going on a date with someone scares the shit out of you because it means you might have to compromise your well-planned out fitness, food, work, friend, and miscellaneous project schedule.e5c175a59980092905ecdc2d567c3926_large
  8. There is no such thing as a rest day or a day off (unless you’re going all out with it… then call in the takeout, fluffy blankets and comfy pajamas)!
  9. You crave meaningful conversations. There’s no such thing as “small talk”.
  10. Stairs are a dangerous thing for you, because you like to use your walking time to multi-task and check/respond to emails and texts.
  11. You easily become emotionally bonded to characters in books, TV shows, and movies. When Dobby died in Harry Potter, and when Marley was sent to die in Marley & Me… You cried your eyes out. For days.marley_and_me_v.9a19d161003.original
  12. You’re earnest and sincere in everything you say, almost to the point of mental blood clots.
  13. You can’t just be into something you love; you have to be entirely engulfed in it. And once you’re entirely engulfed, you have to find a way to take it to the next level.
  14. Soooo many more, but if you’re extreme you totally get what I’m saying at this point. (And you’re totally loving the list format – us extremists love a good list to lay out our jumbled thoughts!)

2 thoughts on “I’m An Extremist, Say What?!”

  1. – nothing wrong with being organized
    – nothing wrong with creating lists. It’s a good way to not forget important or even not important things
    – you may have inherited some of it from the Ueckert side of the family. You favorite Aunt starts laying out our vacation agenda as soon as we decide we are going somewhere
    – the same thing happens when we plan on doing something like a dinner out or a family get together.
    – Open table reservations and confirmations happen all the time!
    – Calendar invites happen all the time. Little reminders to help you stay as organized as the sender!
    – Many of us like lists! Although some of us avoid numbers because the numbers can be misinterpreted to mean some level of importance or priority.
    My only advice…. Just don’t spend so much time being organized that you forget to have fun. Or maybe you should add that to the top of the list?

  2. Oh sister, yOU are also insightful …and EVEN concerning yourself! Your list perfectly describes ME…I’ve gotten better with age tho! BUT…consider yourself lucky because you ARE organized! I made lists last week and the majority of “to do” line items remain! Plus, I can let my apartment get cluttered and I truly believe that reflects negatively on me! I’m SO #3 and 4 hahaha. .but #4 has been BAD 4 me! #9 #6 and #11 Big time EMO! Finally #12 and 13! Get outta my head Hunter! But I definitely agree with comments above. ..don’t organize yourself out of enjoyment / fun!!

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