15 Things About Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know

These sort of posts used to be popular ‘back in the day’, but not so much anymore. Nonetheless, I decided to make a list of some slightly random things my readers probably don’t know about me.

1. I’m jealous of musicians and artists. Especially the ones who can sit at the piano and play anything just by hearing it, or the ones who actually sound good when belting out along with the radio.

2. For what seems more often than not, my mouth can get me into trouble. It’s never intentional. Things really do sound a lot better in my head, but they tend to come out a lot differently when I vocalize them.

3. I can’t whistle to save my life. Many have tried and failed to teach me this skill.

4. I am a huge contradiction! I am shy yet outgoing, happy in my own company, but need validation from others, healthy in some areas and unhealthy in others, I am quiet yet loud, and much more…

5. I care more about what other people think of me than what I think of myself. It’s not my best quality, but I’m working on it.

6. I love to draw/paint/do crafts…anything artsy really. When I was younger, I remember climbing trees and finding the highest place to sit (I LOVED climbing trees) and just drawing or writing about whatever came to mind, or reading the latest Junie B. Jones book.

7. I have really bad anxiety. When I’m anxious (which is almost always) I bite my nails/cuticles, pull out my hair, and bite the inside of my cheeks. I have a really hard time relaxing. It’s another thing I’m working to improve on.

8. Everything good I’ve learned about hair and makeup, I’ve learned from my current teammates on the OU women’s gymnastics team. They’ve definitely come to my rescue a few times.10380034_4494055405950_3900176718203287759_o9. Sometimes I just lay on the floor. I don’t think it’s weird, but my roommates seem to. Sometimes I feel like laying on the ground…it calms me. I lay there for a few minutes…letting my body and mind find peace…And then, when I find the energy to move, I get up.

10. I preferred to sit and talk with the teachers instead of going to play at recess… Now that I think about it, they must have really loved never getting a break from me.

11. I constantly want to be more. I think this may go with my Type A personality (along with many other things): I’m a caring person, I’m a decently good gymnast and artist, I’m a good person. But a lot of times I feel I am not doing enough, that there is more for me than what I’m doing right now. It’s a feeling of not being good enough as is.

12. I LOVE babies and kids. Not in a creepy way, but in an endearing, ‘can’t wait to have my own’ kind of way. I just want to love on them and make them feel special. I have a hard time resisting going up to complete strangers in the grocery store and asking to hold their baby. I could see being a nanny, or doing lots of baby-sitting in my future.11114062_10200436781238559_1452055551012254403_n13. If I were to start over and major in something else, I think I would go the psychology route. I am fascinated by the human mind. I find myself interested in and reading about the different psychological disorders, self-help books, etc. I also love the idea of therapy and helping people…especially counseling young kids dealing with difficult backgrounds.

14. If I wasn’t a gymnast, I think I would have been a runner. I used to love running and was really good at it when I was younger.

15. I love journals and books. I love touching them. I love being around them. However, my downfall is that with journals, I’ve begun to collect them rather than write in them. It’s never my intention to put them on the shelf. I always get a couple so that I can go home and begin writing in them, but then I don’t know what exactly I want to use them for and I don’t want to ruin it.

So there you have it…in all my glory…I’m sure I could go on…but I know this is a long enough list as it is. Thanks for making it all the way to the end. It’s a lot, but it’s all real and all me.


2 thoughts on “15 Things About Hunter That You Probably Didn’t Know”

  1. I can’t whistle either. It’s annoying because people become determined to teach me. Also, you can totally become a psychologist without your BA in that. It’s a master’s level career anyway. Doesn’t matter much what your undergrad is in. I think that would be a great choice for you.

  2. Where to start my dear friend!?!? Perhaps not everything here either! You may NOT be surprised to learn we are MUCH alike, except for the arts part…and I’m envious of that quality you pocess! I could climb the tree tho!! 💜
    I knew you were “shy” yet outgoing in your group! ME TOO! Telling friends I’m introverted brings laughs! They don’t know how hard I work at being more outgoing! But I’ve been told I’m very funny… So that’s probably the ONLY reason my mouth doesn’t get me in trouble more!
    I’m super passionate and unapologetically patriotic! I cry singing the National Anthem! I cried for hours after we won the World Cup last night! I cry at OU women’s gymnastic meets..
    .on MY TV!!!
    Younger I never thought I was good enough! Star basketball player…once I hit free throws with NO time on the clock to send us to double overtime…. But hated myself for hitting the 2nd one to win! BTW, I scored 46 of our 66 total and was 15-16 at the free throw line! But the ONE I missed!!???

    I love babies and kids…other people’s😀
    I LOVE animals too much probably! I have one 9 pound fur baby! I know you do too!

    I used to obsess what others thought of me…NO more. Getting older helped… But don’t YOU waste anymore time on that Missy! You’re PERFECT! DO YOU HEAR ME!!?!!! 💪💋
    More later….love you Hunter!

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