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As I was scrolling through Pinterest, I came across some blogging tips where I read that I shouldn’t confuse my readers; I should pick a theme and stick to it. And on that note – I just wanted to apologize and say feel free to turn away now because I don’t necessarily have a theme. As I said before, my blog is about my life, my thoughts, my drawings, and whatever comes to mind that day.
Life is a roller coaster…constantly moving up and down, throwing us some occasional sharp turns and loops. So my blog is like my life. It’s everywhere.

Now that I’ve gotten that out there… This is what I have to share today!

Help me to be open to things. Help me to be patient (especially when I’m driving), to be empathetic, and to spread my wings sometimes. Help me to slow down and enjoy life, for we only live once. Help me to see myself as positively as others do. Help me to see my potential and my beauty. Help me to better myself in any way that I can, but also to be easier on myself when I screw up. Help me to remember that I am far from perfect and that is perfectly OKAY.

Help me to remember that I am not alone. Help me to remember that I am not the first one, nor the only one, to make a mistake. Even big mistakes. Help me to move forward, even more so on the days that I am comfortable standing still. Help me to truly learn that comparing myself to others will only make me feel worse about myself. Help me with the knowledge and acceptance that I am growing older and won’t get time back. Help me to forgive myself, for we can’t go back in time and change things.

Help me to seize more color of this world. Help me to seize every opportunity because we aren’t guaranteed another chance. Help me to remember times in which I have been sad and hurt when I am talking to people who are sad and hurt. Help me to share my story with those whom it could really help. Help me to take on my journey with more excitement than anxiety, and to look to the future with more joy than fear. Help me to get wildly lost in the present because it’s all that I have.

Help me with releasing people…and with letting people in. Help me with not pushing those who love me away. Help me to stop worrying SO much. Help me to laugh at myself. Help me with my filter, in learning when I should voice my opinion versus when it would be in my best interest to keep my mouth closed.

Help me to love myself, to accept myself…for who I am right now in this moment, faults and all. Help me to remember that attitude is everything. Help me to recognize how far I have come. Help me to care less about the opinions of others. Help me to release shame, especially shame that doesn’t belong to me. Help me because I am young and scared.

And on a lighter note – Please help me with remembering to include more vegetables in my diet.FullSizeRender


2 thoughts on “Help!”

  1. My blog is similar in that vein, I write whatever comes to my mind and whatever I am interested in for that day and if my readers are confused, I apologize. If I write enough about one topic, maybe I can create another blog just to talk about that but now, it’s just stream of consciousness type of thing.

  2. “my blog is about my life, my thoughts, my drawings, and whatever comes to mind that day.” Sounds like a theme to me! life is about being yourself. Not what other people say or think you should be! I would expect the same in your blog! It may sound trite… But YOU GO GIRL!

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