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8 Things I (We All) Need to Chill Out About


1. Whether or not a person likes us back. No need to go around deciphering text messages and body language. If they like you, they like you. There’s nothing you can do to get them to like you any faster. It’s tough because you wish that you could just be “BFF’s” already, but just go with the flow. Hopefully they’ll come around.

2. Monday mornings. Yes, it’s Monday morning and the weekend is over and maybe we’re hungover and sleep deprived. But guess what? In just four short days it’s going to be the weekend all over again!

3. Why a person has yet to text you back. Worrying about it will not summon their response; though waiting on texts is admittedly the most annoying feature of the 21st century.

4. Bad hair days.

5. Ridiculous diets. Everyone should just be at a weight they are comfortable with, whatever that is. We do not need to be brainwashed with the latest social trends of not being anything bigger than a size “two”.

6. Forgetting a person’s name. Let’s face it; some people are just not the best at putting names with faces, and such. It’s not the end of the world – just ask them their name.

7. What other people think about you. Be yourself and the right people will come around. As my teammates would say, “Just do you!”

8. Trying to be happy all the time. Embrace your mess. Embrace the chaos. Stop trying to get to some happy place where you don’t grow or change or have experiences that formulate who you are. Live your life, be where you are, trust the process, and stop aggressively going after these ideas of what a perfect life looks like. You’re good.


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