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Silence Your Noise


Silence your self-doubt. The first person you have to convince that you are capable of what you want is yourself. Too often we fall into the paralysis of thinking one failed attempt at something is evidence of inadequacy. Even worse, sometimes we cease to attempt things at all because we think we aren’t good enough. Replace that “I can’t” that you so often tell yourself, with a voice that says, “I will”. Work harder, work smarter, learn from your failures, and keep fighting for what you want.

Along with self-doubt, you have to silence your regret. It’s a waste of time. We have all said and done things that we aren’t proud of…things we are ashamed of, and wish we could take back. However, (unless you know otherwise) time machines do not exist. You have to take the bad you’ve done and just try to do better from there.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” ~ Maya Angelou

Don’t dwell on the things you can’t change. Forgive yourself. Choose to live in the moment you are in now.

You must also silence your worry. Worry is one of the worst states of mind there is – it is a fear of the unknown. Oftentimes, our worries only exist in our imaginations; imaginations that run rampant with countless things that could go wrong. When we worry, we lose clarity and we lose faith. We lose our power to live in the present. Replace your worry with positivity and hope.

There will be MANY noises while we pass through life. There will be noises that want to break our spirits; noises that will try to tell us that we are not enough. There will be noises that try to destroy us.
Take in what is good in this world. Leave out what spoils your soul. You have to silence the noise.


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