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Love/Hate Relationship: One Gymnast’s Search for A Dress

One of the worst things about being a gymnast is that it’s never easy finding a dress! Or any clothes really. Seriously!

I’ve got a big, fancy ball (AKA a gymnastics banquet) to attend this lovely evening so I need a pretty dress. We have a special gathering like this ever year. The “ball” itself is fun, but the preparation and getting ready for it has historically been…more of a strain. Shopping for clothes when you’re shaped more like a guy than a girl due to a life spent doing gymnastics is a gut-wrenching nightmare, as any gymnast can tell you. The best you can hope for is finding a dress BEFORE you cave and fall to the floor, right there in the store, in a hopeless tantrum of rage. Most of that rage is directed at you internally, with some left over for the clothing designers who appear to think there are only dresses to be made in two sizes… One for those tall and skinny model-like women, and the other for those who may not spend quite as much time working out as we do.

But like I said, finding a dress is hard.
As I finally hung the dress I found in my closet, I also found a number of memories hung up alongside it. There they were….the dresses that I had previously worn to all my gymnastics banquets before. Looking at those dresses sent me straight back in time…

  • From four years ago: A strapless, white dress covered in black flowers, with a black sash-type belt that I wore to the Aerial Athletics “black and white” banquet my junior year of high school.Junior AA
  • From three years ago: An all-black, one shouldered evening dress with a loose top and more fitted bottom. My senior year of high school, I wore this one to the annual Aerial Athletics “black and white” banquet as well.223835_4202713551320_299575928_n
  • From two years ago: A mostly white dress with the top outlined in black. The top was fitted while the bottom flared out. I wore this one my freshman year of college at the University of Oklahoma women’s gymnastics banquet.484574_3041506293130_162392818_n
  • From last year: An all-black halter dress also fitted at the top with a flared-out bottom. I loved this one because it fit like a dream, and made me feel sexy and sophisticated. Is it acceptable to wear the same dress twice?Sophomore OU

Anyway, other than realizing that I haven’t strayed from the “black and white” theme….what each of these dresses had in common was simply this: I felt beautiful wearing them. That’s a compelling and rare feeling in a girl’s life. At least in THIS girl’s life.

But hey! You didn’t think I was going to just leave you with a silly sentiment on how beautiful I felt wearing my many banquet dresses, did you?! Nah! This story has an even dorkier ending. I ended up finding a cute dress… A strapless nude-lined, black-lace patterned dress that is tightly fitted around the chest and flared-out at the bottom.IMG_6679I also got some glass slippers (AKA patent-leather red heels) so I’m all set for the ball! All I need is the appropriate transportation – anyone have a pumpkin and some mice they can lend me?


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