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A Moment of Truth


So, I’ve been courageously blogging for a few months now and I am loving it.

Recently I read an article about a friend of mine (Anna Chiodo Ortiz, who is running track at Bucknell University) who recently came out about her struggle with an eating disorder. I used to do gymnastics with her way back when, and then life happened and she moved. We keep in touch occasionally through texting and Facebook, but I had no idea what was really going on in her life or that she was struggling with such a thing. You can read her article here: A Moment of Truth.

Anyway, after I read A Moment of Truth, I then contacted her letting her know just how proud I was of her and all that good stuff (of course), but ultimately I took some time to think and reflect. She came out with her struggle in hopes of helping those struggling with the same thing. And that’s what I hope to achieve with my blog and with those I meet… To share laughs or tears, to give words of wisdom and encouragement, and to let people know they’re not alone.

Anna reminded me of why I partially wanted to start a blog in the first place… It’s because I believe our stories matter. I believe the truth and the realness of our life stories is vital to share. My story matters, her story matters, and so does yours.
The truth is – my story is one of many. However, there is no one else who can tell my story and no one else who can tell yours.

I’ve always known that I have wanted to help other people like me – those who have been abused, those who have grown up in broken families, those who are athletes and may struggle with identity, and two things new to my blog (dare I say it), those who have or used to self-harm, and those who may struggle with disordered eating and body image.

However, I feel my story and experiences apply to not only those who have similar histories, but everyone. We all have our crosses to bear… Whether it’s addiction, OCD, depression and anxiety, other mental illnesses, or just a rough patch in life. Bottom line: everyone has shitty days and sometimes, shitty years.

I will continue to blog… I will continue to be vulnerable and share my experiences, blessings and messiness, and my thoughts… Because I’m just a girl with a story, my story. And I’ve decided my story might be worth telling.


2 thoughts on “A Moment of Truth”

  1. Thank you for writing this. Yes, our stories matter, everyone’s story matters. We are not insignificant just because we are not famous or didn’t invent something or what have you. Even ‘boring’ everyday people’s stories matter.

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