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Senior Year: Myths vs. Realities

Myth: You’re a senior so you obviously have your whole life planned out, including but not limited to: where you’ll be working, who you’re marrying, how many kids you’ll have, etc.
Reality: You’re a senior, so getting out of bed is a humongous accomplishment. Everything after that is an added bonus.b2b33d92fbe86173347c7187aecfee1b

Myth: You’ll be great at time-management now that you’ve had four years of practice.
Reality: Procrastination still wins. Every time.tumblr_m3020qr5Wa1r1c6jgo1_1280

Myth: Freshman 15.
Reality: Senior 15. And a caffeine dependency.fat-amy-cardio-yeah-no-dont-put-me-down-for-cardio

Myth: You’ll have a job by graduation.
Reality: You won’t.ac63eee7b7f87efe88c17a62d2be57cb
Myth: You’ll be really excited about graduation and finally being done with college.
Reality: Well, you will be, but you will also cry about it regularly because you miss

Myth: You take only the easiest classes senior year and have no homework.
Reality: There’s a thing called “Capstone.” Enough said.01e7343f9f17ca166c628d0de65dac80

Myth: You do everything on your own because you’re independent and all grown up.
Reality: You have mid-day, bi-weekly mental breakdowns because you can’t adult anymore.bigstock-Baby-Crying-5482985
Myth: You’ll realize that despite the hardships and all you dealt with and fought through – these were four incredible years.
Reality: Nope. This myth is true.Gratefulandblessed-KDCO-01


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