About Me


Who am I?


Things I’m Not Terrible At:
1. Resisting anything but temptation
2. Eating too much
3. Pretending to know things

Five More Unnecessary Facts:
1. If you are alive, chances are that I crave your approval.
2. I rely heavily on self-deprecating humor.
3. I go through so many life crises’ that, to simplify things, I have begun to regard my whole life as one big crises.
4. I can’t count.

Okay, now seriously… You’ve landed on my page at a crazy, but wonderful time where I’ll be writing about life experiences and lessons learned, my journey as a gymnast, my transitions into adulthood, my fear of and excitement for the unknown, and oh so much more. This blog is my outlet…my story. Basically you can count on a little bit of anything and everything.

Born and raised in Texas.
Have a twin brother.
Former OU gymnast.
2 x National Champion (2014 & 2016).
Vault All-American.
Amateur Blogger and Artist.
Fitness Enthusiast.

Well, thanks for being here! I love connecting with my readers so feel free to leave a comment or connect with me on any one of my social media networks. I’d love to “meet” you!



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