Many shapes and sizes.

It's a hand clenched around your throat choking you. It's the weight sitting on your chest, making it difficult to breathe. It's the ankle weights that you wear every day, causing your footsteps to be heavy, making it difficult for you to move. It's the desert that is between you and your friends. Your friends … Continue reading Many shapes and sizes.


If You Don’t Have It, You Don’t Know

Anxiety is learning how to function with sleep deprivation because it took you until 2am to shut your eyes. Anxiety is the restless nights of sleep, as you toss and turn. It's never being able to shut your brain off. It's all the thoughts and situations you overthink as your head hits the pillow. It's … Continue reading If You Don’t Have It, You Don’t Know

10 Signs You’re One of the Youngest in the Office

Your life problems DO NOT EQUAL your coworkers life problems. Marriage? Kids? Mortgages? ... I can't relate. Everyone is married and all you have is your dog. People go to you for technological problems because you're supposed to be an "expert." However, this isn't the case with me. Everyone in the office knows more about fixing … Continue reading 10 Signs You’re One of the Youngest in the Office


I applaud any person who comes forward and reports a sexual assault. It takes immense courage. Unfortunately, more often than not, people don't report it. I believe their reasons are similar to mine. I get it. Although, there was a time when I did speak up. I was 10 years old when I finally summoned … Continue reading #MeToo