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Things You Learn from Coaching Kids

You should NEVER miss out on the opportunity to be around kids. They are enthusiastic about life, eager to learn, and curious about everything. It is through them that we get to see all the good in the world, long after our "adult eyes" have been blurred and tainted by life and experiences. They offer… Continue reading Things You Learn from Coaching Kids

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A Thank You to My Body

As I just finished my last competition as a gymnast a few weeks ago, I started to think about everything I've put my body through in my twenty-two years of life so far and I decided that I owe it thanks for persevering with me for so long, for being stronger than I often realize.… Continue reading A Thank You to My Body

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My Team > Yours

Please pass the cheese platter, 'cause I'm coming at ya with a whole lot of w(h)ine. I am on the cusp of my senior year of college, and as much as I am being told my life is just beginning, it seems to feel more and more like a scene from Independence Day. I have… Continue reading My Team > Yours

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Love/Hate Relationship: One Gymnast’s Search for A Dress

One of the worst things about being a gymnast is that it's never easy finding a dress! Or any clothes really. Seriously! I've got a big, fancy ball (AKA a gymnastics banquet) to attend this lovely evening so I need a pretty dress. We have a special gathering like this ever year. The "ball" itself is fun, but… Continue reading Love/Hate Relationship: One Gymnast’s Search for A Dress

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Grieving the End of a Chapter

I couldn't really put my finger on it. I mean, it could have been a million things, but I couldn't pinpoint just one. My mind was preoccupied all day with a jumble of incoherent thoughts. And out of nowhere, I snapped. I a baby. Actually, more like Kate (AKA Leslie Mann) in the movie, The… Continue reading Grieving the End of a Chapter

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The "momentum arrow" above is one of the drawings not only in my sketchbook, but on the shirt my team wore at nationals this past weekend as well! This weekend, we advanced to the 2015 NCAA Super Six for the fifth time in six years! It didn't quite go as we had hoped, but it was still an… Continue reading MOMENTUM