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The. Dreadful. Interview.

If there's anything that can reduce most people to a nervous, chattering (or silent) mess, it's a job interview. They suck. We can agree to disagree, but in MY opinion, they SUCK. In preparation for my interviews, I felt like I was studying for a final that I only attended one class out of the entire semester… Continue reading The. Dreadful. Interview.

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Senior Year: Myths vs. Realities

Myth: You're a senior so you obviously have your whole life planned out, including but not limited to: where you'll be working, who you're marrying, how many kids you'll have, etc. Reality: You're a senior, so getting out of bed is a humongous accomplishment. Everything after that is an added bonus. Myth: You'll be great… Continue reading Senior Year: Myths vs. Realities

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Things You Learn from Coaching Kids

You should NEVER miss out on the opportunity to be around kids. They are enthusiastic about life, eager to learn, and curious about everything. It is through them that we get to see all the good in the world, long after our "adult eyes" have been blurred and tainted by life and experiences. They offer… Continue reading Things You Learn from Coaching Kids

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Things I’ll Want My Daughter to Know

Should I ever be lucky enough to have you, my sweet little girl, these are some things I want you to know. You will be raised saying "yes ma'am" and "no sir." You will chew with your mouth closed. That includes chewing gum. Elbows will not be on the table and phones will not be… Continue reading Things I’ll Want My Daughter to Know

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Love/Hate Relationship: One Gymnast’s Search for A Dress

One of the worst things about being a gymnast is that it's never easy finding a dress! Or any clothes really. Seriously! I've got a big, fancy ball (AKA a gymnastics banquet) to attend this lovely evening so I need a pretty dress. We have a special gathering like this ever year. The "ball" itself is fun, but… Continue reading Love/Hate Relationship: One Gymnast’s Search for A Dress


A Typical Conversation With My Mind At Bedtime

Mind: Hey! Me: You do realize it's 2:00 in the morning, right? Mind: Yeah - so how's it going? Me: I'm tired so please be quiet so we can get some rest. Mind: Oh yeah, okay... A brief ten seconds or so of silence goes by. Mind: Quick question. Me: No. Mind: But it's important. Me: No. Then it'll lead… Continue reading A Typical Conversation With My Mind At Bedtime