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Dear Future Me

Dear Future Me, I hope you give people a chance to get to know you. The real you. Not the you that screws up on purpose, not the you that pushes people away before they can leave you, not the you that tries to please and perform... the real you, Hunter - your intricacies, the… Continue reading Dear Future Me

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Dear Younger Me

I know you probably won't want to read this. You would rather be doodling, taking a drive with nowhere to be to clear your head, or doing anything but taking advice from me. But if I could go back and give you some advice in hopes of making anything easier for you, it would be… Continue reading Dear Younger Me

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No Matter What You’re Feeling Right Now, You Are Not Alone

It's scary how easy it is to feel completely alone. It doesn't matter if you're single, married, have roommates, or if you live with family. There are times when you feel like the world is full of people that have either forgotten about you or are disappointed in you. Sometimes the feelings don't even come… Continue reading No Matter What You’re Feeling Right Now, You Are Not Alone

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A Battle

You feel like you’re in a battle with yourself. You wage a war against yourself…against your body, against appetite, and against instinct. Every self-defeating word that you’ve ever called yourself, you hear in your mind, and it rings…echoes even: worthless, inadequate, and insecure. You might run circles in your room every day to try and… Continue reading A Battle

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My Feelings Change With the Weather

I love the fall. My favorite days are when the sky is blue and the air is crisp, when the leaves are just about to turn and there is promise in the air. It’s sweater weather; it’s hot chocolate and tea weather. It’s running in the park, while the air is chilly enough to make… Continue reading My Feelings Change With the Weather


Panic Attack: A Description

It happens for no reason, and for any reason. You never see them coming. It’s not like you wake up one day and think, “Jeez, I’m not feeling well today. I think there’s a panic attack in the works.” There aren’t any symptoms. There aren’t any warnings. You just suddenly can’t breathe. Something feels wrong.… Continue reading Panic Attack: A Description

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The Good and The Bad

I share a lot, but I also keep a lot to myself. We all do. We tend to only open up and share the great things about us with the world (our high light reel), but we so often keep our faults and battle wounds hidden. We share our best, most shiniest selves online and… Continue reading The Good and The Bad