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Things I Want Him to Know, Wherever He Is

I gave God the pen to write my love story... I know God has made someone special for me and I trust that He will bring him to me at the right time. I don't know him yet, but I know he's out there. And wherever he is, I want him to know these things: That I go for… Continue reading Things I Want Him to Know, Wherever He Is

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I Hope You…

I hope you fail. I hope you don't let it hold you back. I hope you find a way to keep moving forward. I hope you make a huge mistake and I hope you grow from it. I hope you have life changing experiences, and I hope that they break you. And after all of… Continue reading I Hope You…

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This Is What It Means to Be Strong

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. Strength isn’t something that can be found overnight. It also isn’t something that just comes and goes. Strength is all about experiences. Cold, painful, raw experiences that you sometimes wish you could permanently erase… Continue reading This Is What It Means to Be Strong

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Silence Your Noise

Silence your self-doubt. The first person you have to convince that you are capable of what you want is yourself. Too often we fall into the paralysis of thinking one failed attempt at something is evidence of inadequacy. Even worse, sometimes we cease to attempt things at all because we think we aren’t good enough.… Continue reading Silence Your Noise