Sunday Reflections


Things I Learned: 1. Take your vitamins (preferably the chewable ones). 🙂 2. Passport pictures are worse than driver's license pictures. 3. Don't take anything, or anyone, for granted. 4. You're not getting any younger. 5. Perspective is a beautiful thing. 6. Everyone has stress and it manifests in different ways. 7. It's never too… Continue reading SUNDAY REFLECTIONS

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Dear Younger Me

I know you probably won't want to read this. You would rather be doodling, taking a drive with nowhere to be to clear your head, or doing anything but taking advice from me. But if I could go back and give you some advice in hopes of making anything easier for you, it would be… Continue reading Dear Younger Me


A Typical Conversation With My Mind At Bedtime

Mind: Hey! Me: You do realize it's 2:00 in the morning, right? Mind: Yeah - so how's it going? Me: I'm tired so please be quiet so we can get some rest. Mind: Oh yeah, okay... A brief ten seconds or so of silence goes by. Mind: Quick question. Me: No. Mind: But it's important. Me: No. Then it'll lead… Continue reading A Typical Conversation With My Mind At Bedtime